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What are the benefits of renting with Formosa Car Rental ?
  • Competitive rates
    Formosa offers quality cars at competitive rates to make your journey more affordable.
  • Wide range of cars
    Formosa offers a large fleet of latest model vehicles ( all less than 2 years from economy to Luxury )  to suit any needs. From economy to full size cars, MPVs, SUVs and more!
  • Young fleet
    Formosa's vehicles are one year old on the average and undergone the most stringent of quality control checks. With low mileage and reliable performance cars, you can be assured of a smooth and safe journey.
  • 24-hour Emergency Roadside Assistance
    Whenever and wherever you are in trouble with your car, Formosa will get you going as quickly as possible.
  • We believe that everyone should have a memorable and enjoyable experience with their car rental
    For that reason we have characterized ourself as friendly and helpful, reputable and have in-depth local knowledge to ensure you get the best out of your rental in Taiwan.
What do I get?

Our mission is to help people pick the right rental in Taiwan. Before you book, we will show you everything you need to know. What's included and pick-up /return  information, we give you all the facts, so that you can make the right rental choice for you.

Make a plan for your first day of driving.

Where will you travel to?
Will you stop off along the way?
IF you don’t know the best way to start your journey, please feel free to contact us and we would be pleased to offer customized suggestions.


All foreigners could get a free WIFI account. 
Apply on line  :  

Before booking:

Check and compare:
Prices: the price we quote are the total cost with no hidden extras.


Are taxes, Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) and compulsory  insurances included.

How much is the excess/deductible amount?
Max.NT$10,000- or NT30,000 depends on the car type you rent , will indicated on the quotation list.

Opening hours:

You are able to collect and return your car at any time, day or night, every day of the year with extra fee for out of service hours  (8am -8pm daily ).
We also offer the opportunity to have your car delivered/collected from your hotel.

Which car do you need:

How many people are travelling with you? How much luggage will you all have?
Please consider this when selecting your car.

Do you need any extras:

You are welcome to send us request when making your order.

  • Child seats:
    Are mandatory in Taiwan for children under age of 4 and can be order at the time of booking.
    The standard of the baby/child seats may differ from what you are used to, however you are able to bring your own.
  • Roof rack:
    Consider renting a larger car instead of a smaller car with a roof rack. It will be more comfortable to drive without a roof rack and no risk of theft. No insurance will cover the damage’s that is caused by a roof rack or from the luggage on the roof.
At the time of delivery

Please check:

  • damage’s on the car. Have it written down on your contract.
  • where the spare tire and necessary tools for changing wheels are.
  • DO NOT forget to take your copy of the contract!
  • if you have local currency, for tolls etc.
  • all petrol stations accept credit cards.
  • you must confirm with our representative again to find out exactly where to return the car when the rental is over.
  • check what kind of fuel the car needs. Diesel or petrol?
  • in case of accident/damage, it is necessary to make a police report even for the smallest damage.
Tips for driving:
  • Who's driving?
    If you are sharing the driving, make sure that all the co-drivers are named on the rental agreement and authorized to drive. Make sure everyone has a valid driving licence and passport.  
  • In case of accident:
    In the unlucky event of an accident the most important advice is:
    STAY CALM and try not to panic!
    If anybody is injured, help them first and if needed call the ambulance.
    Call Formosa Car Rental , immediately. mobile /whatsapp / LINE ID  : 0919-828159.
  • Keep away from scocters !

Formosa Car Rental wishes you a pleasant drive!